About Us

Luxe Design Studios is a residential and commercial interior design firm based in South Florida with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Luxe Design Studios has a presence in the luxury design market from coast to coast. Using a mixture of contemporary components, the firm captures the 21st-century lifestyle in a way that rejuvenates, inspires, and encompasses the essence of living well. When asked to elaborate on his influences and inspirations, creative director Nicholas DeJesu points to several core principles of design. ” Light, space, form, color, and texture will always be influenced by great design,” he says. ” We are inspired by natural materials and finding innovative ways to use them. Recognized by luxury hoteliers and residential clients alike, DeJesus and his team of designers have found that their uncompromising commitment to a balance of function and aesthetic serves them well. A key to this balance is the designer’s understanding of the relationship between luxury and everyday life. ” People are less affected by fashion and trends,” DeJesu says. “It’s less about “big brands” and more about having a luxurious experience in your home. Luxury is the freedom to live the life you want.” Constantly striving to innovate, the Luxe Design Studios team combines a technical understanding of design with the ability to harness creativity.

We welcome the opportunity to bring your ideas to reality, contact Luxe Design Studios today for a design consultation. 305-851-2020