Lofts provide unique opportunities for interior designers as well as homeowners. Large, open, and with excellent window lighting, these spaces can be tailored to a number of looks and designs. For this client, we employed splashes of soft gray and beige to give the rooms a classy, sophisticated, warm experience. It is a home designed for entertaining or relaxation. Combining the elements of function, beauty, and design, we created this space to be in line with the lifestyle and aesthetic predilections of this client. A home where Miami luxury meets simplicity.

Keeping it Simple and Sophisticated

Designer Nicholas DeJesu, Founder and Creative Director, uses a style that is minimalist, yet sophisticated. His creations are accented by crisp, clean lines and muted tones. In this theme, he melded some of his favorite tones and shapes to the living space. The furniture compliments these lines and colors, and the lighting energizes the mood of the rooms. Everything has been carefully selected to give a space the feeling of uncomplicated luxury.

Live in Luxury with Our Lofts

Mr. DeJesu created this design in order to provide a luxurious feeling and to evoke a certain lifestyle — the Miami lifestyle. This type of decor gives off an aesthetic of timeless and upscale beauty. Whether our client is relaxing at home, listening to music, or entertaining friends at a dinner party, this redesign provides the feel of comfort and the splendor of Miami living.

Effortlessly Decorated

The Minimal Loft design employed the finest natural materials, like woods and metals, to pay homage to timeless traditions. Everything is carefully placed to enhance the beauty of the other pieces, which are positioned for maximum impact. Everything exists for a reason: to provide a perfect refuge from an imperfect world.